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September 2008 NEWSLETTER




Faculty and Staff Accomplishments

Dr. Nada Marie Assaf-Anid, professor of chemical engineering, and Henry A. Baez '07, a graduate chemical engineering student, recently published the article “Novel and Conventional Approaches to Sterilization” in the August issue of the magazine Chemical Engineering Assaf-Anid also has been invited to serve on the editorial advisory board of the journal Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy , previously known as Environmental Progress. The journal is expanding its scope into new aspects of the environment, such as sustainability and sustainable energy.

Dr. Mohammad Naraghi, professor of mechanical engineering, presented the paper “A CFD-RTE Model for Thermal Analysis of Regeneratively Cooled Rocket Engines” at the 44th AIAA Propulsion Conference in Hartford, Conn., on July 21-23. He also chaired three sessions in modeling of liquid propulsion systems during the conference.

Dr. Joan Cammarata, professor of Spanish, organized and chaired two sessions at April's 2008 Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Convention in Buffalo, N.Y. The sessions included Fashioning Feminine Identity in Early Modern Spain and Cervantes Don Quixote: The Discourse of Culture and History. In the Cervantes session, she paid homage to the renowned Cervantes scholar, Tom Lathrop, on the occasion of the presentation, festschrift, “Aqui se imprimen libros”: Cervantine Studies in Honor of Tom Lathrop. In a special session sponsored by Spain's Ministry of Culture, Cammarata presented a tribute to Enrique Ruiz-Fornells, emeritus professor at the Universidad de Alabama, in recognition of his illustrious career and contributions as liaison between NeMLA and the Ministry of Culture.

Dr. William Merriman, dean of education, and Br. Augustine Nicoletti, assistant professor of education, received a Gold Hermes Creative Award for their article “Teaching Millennial Generation Students,” which appeared in the April/May 2007 issue of Momentum . The Hermes Awards recognize excellence in communications, advertising, marketing, public relations, design, video and Web technology.

Dr. Nicholas De Lillo, professor of mathematics and computer science, is designated as a reviewer for scholarly papers submitted for publication at SIGCSE '09, the 40th Technical Symposium on Computer Science Ed ucation of the Association for Computing Machinery. The annual symposium will be held in Chattanooga, Tenn. on March 4-7, 2009. De Lillo will also publish a series of monographs “Design, Implementation, and Application of B-Trees Using Java 6.0.” These monographs will appear as separate installments in the Technical Report Series of the Ivan G. Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems of Pace University.



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