Ketchum VP Shares Professional Experience With Students

On March 2, the marketing club and the Thomas More Law Society sponsored a presentation by John Paluszek ’55, senior vice president and chief legal counsel at Ketchum, one of the top five public relations agencies worldwide. Paluszek set out to examine the realms of marketing and public relations that he has learned through his many years of experience by sharing his knowledge with the Manhattan College community.

He discussed the practices that Ketchum professionals, who support the company’s brands and products, provide for their clients worldwide. In particular, Paluszek’s area of expertise falls within corporate social responsibility, which he says is very important to consumers today when choosing to invest in a brand. 

Paluszek also pointed out that social media is transforming the consumer and brand relationship in public relations because it has created an interactive platform that connects both sides. He stressed to the audience the importance of understanding these developing media channels in order to stay current on the changes within the industry.

“Mr. Paluszek emphasized the importance of integrated marketing communications and provided students with real-world examples from his considerable work experience,” said Brian Korney ’11, president of the marketing club.

After advising the corporate leaders of tomorrow, Paluszek, a Manhattan alumnus, an emeritus member of the College’s board of trustees and chair of the communication department’s board of advisors, commented on his own experiences at Manhattan.

“A number of us came from a modest background and gained a sense of maturity and self-confidence because of what Manhattan provided in terms of the opportunity for expression and exposure to people who were very experienced as teachers and alumni,” Paluszek said. “We benefited and it’s only fair that we would want to provide some sort of an opportunity, at least with our colleagues, who work at Manhattan.”


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